Our Story

DBS started out in my kitchen. I  searched for an all natural beard moisturizer that wasn't too heavy, had a subtle scent and wouldn't make my beard too shiny. But it had to be organic, no perfume, no chemicals, all natural. I was looking for what some would call the "juices & berries".

After trying out a few products I wanted to find a way to take something that I liked from each product and make my own; so that's what I did.

I made my first batch and gave it to a couple of my buddies and after using it for a couple of weeks the verdict was; it was terrible. It definitely wasn't as easy to make as the recipes led on, so it was back to the drawing board.


After some trial and error and some more researching I came up with my own recipe for our three flagship products; a beard oil, beard butter(balm), and a beard wash.

I got the stamp of approval from my long-time bearded buddies, barbers, estheticians, and a few random people who noticed my full shiny beard, and DBS was born.